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Recursive test data using plsql and the testdata_ninja package

Just the other day I was running a test of a system at work. I have already run several tests against this system, so I already have a test data generator to generate clients in the system. This time though I had to generate some orders within the system. So a really quick way to do that is to reuse the existing generator for the client id reference (a foreign key in the real system) from the orders data rows. This way I don't have to create an actual client table. I can just reference the plsql test data generator directly in my definition of my order generator.

PLSQL test data from cursor to table or from cursor to csv

When you are creating test data it is usually either to create a quick test table for a piece of code, or because you need to simulate data extraction to another system. That is why any generator created with testdata_ninja includes methods to do that quickly. Every generator created includes a to_table method and a to_csv table function.

Even more test data generated using the testdata_ninja plsql package

Last entry to the testdata_ninja blog roll, was about how to create iterators that were unique when you create test data rows. In this entry I will show how to use back references to other column values to use them as input to other row generator functions. One example could be that you were creating a table of employees and you wanted the name to be more realistic. So we could have a country column in the row as well and use that as an input to create the name, so it looks like a name from that country.

Extending Codemonth search to include Oracle Text fuzzy and stem searches

My previous entry showed how the contains operator of Oracle Text made it possible to build a search function for my website. It was a basic text search with no additional capability. For quick recap of how the query looked, this is what I could run to search the description of my projects for the word package.